Terms & Conditions/Privacy Policy

1. Your access to and use of this member fulfillment website is subject to verification that you are an active member and you are the individual that has been issued your unique member number and login information. Only one member account may be active per individual, per household, at the same time.

2. Any member that cancels or is canceled for any reason, may not enroll again as a new member, with a different member number for a minimum of 3 months’ time after their previous cancel date.

3. These listed Terms & Conditions may be amended, terminated, changed or altered at the sole discretion of management, without any notice, therefore it is the members responsibility to check back as needed to review the currently available Terms & Conditions.

4. Only the designated member and/or spouse or children that are considered to be "immediate family" may have access to and use any of the available benefits. This includes, but is not limited to, the redemption and activation of any benefits. No third party may redeem or activate any benefit on behalf of a member, even with the permission of the member. Immediate Family does not receive access to or the ability to request service or use the Roadside Assistance program that is included in this membership program.

5. Member and immediate family may not share or distribute benefits, coupons or other savings to non-users in any way and through any medium. This includes, but is not limited to, the posting of coupon codes and other member benefits.

6. Member may not offer their access for resale to other parties. Use of this website and access to benefits are nontransferable.

7. Member will not violate any local, state or federal laws with regards to the use of their user account and access of this website.

8. It is understood and acknowledged that all coupons, discounts, benefits and all other offers that are listed or available through the use of their member account and access to this fulfillment website may be amended, terminated, changed or altered at the sole discretion of management. New benefits and offers may also be added while other benefits may be amended or canceled entirely based on availability and quality of service.

9. Member will hold harmless and indemnify management for all actions, representations and claims provided through this program and it is acknowledged that management will not be held liable for any loss or offer that is not accepted by merchant or other providers.

10. Your membership is active immediately upon your enrollment into this program as a new member and/or the assignment of your own unique and individual member or account number as part of this program, thus identifying you as an active member that entitles you to all of the benefits and services as listed throughout this online member website, including access to this website as well. Your membership will renew automatically each month unless you call to cancel your membership prior to the renewal date.

11. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your Membership or Services and wish to cancel, you may terminate this agreement at any time by contacting Billing Support by phone at the toll free number listed on your membership materials and/or found on this website, during the listed and stated operating hours for Billing Support. You may also notify us in writing of such a cancel request or other billing related need by sending in by mail such a request with your specific member information and any other relevant details, including your contact information to the address specified on this website on the Customer Service page area. Your cancellation will be effective promptly upon the receipt of your cancellation request.  Upon cancellation, you will not owe any further membership fees.

12. Your assigned member number and other program information, as well as login instructions to enter this member benefit website will be sent to you by email, to the email address you previously provided. If you do not receive this email or have other issues or needs related to this program, or for some reason you are not able to access your available benefits or enter this online member website, please remember to call our billing support or general member benefit support at their respective toll free numbers during our listed hours of operation, as listed on the Customer Service page of this website for any of your all important customer service needs.

13. Reward, rebate and incentive bonus offer programs that are listed within this member website are available for members to use as instructed to earn some reward, rebate or other valued bonus as an incentive for satisfying or completing certain required actions or purchases. These reward, rebate and incentive bonus offer programs are provided to members as benefits to members because the average value consideration provided to members is a significantly higher reward, rebate or incentive value that such a satisfied purchase, action or other requirement would normally receive. Tracking, reporting and confirmation that such required purchases have been made, including amounts of purchase dates and member info are done with the use of affiliate links as well as member provided data to be confirmed. Reward, rebate and incentive bonus offers are usually provided to members on select web pages within this site that will explain the offer, the reward or benefit and the requirements to earn that reward and what needs to be done to request and/or receive it. Certain other restrictions and limits may also apply and all such reward, rebate and incentive bonus offers are subject to change, be amended or be voided in full or in part, and subject to the sole discretion of management. If management cannot verify member supplied information or other details to confirm that requirements have been satisfied by the actual member, management reserves the right to make any such claims null and void. Certain expirations and other dates may also apply to the offer, including potential timeframes or deadlines for actions or other requirements to be completed.

14. Certain benefits and other offers may each have their own respective terms, conditions, requirements and limits that will be listed for each such offer, usually on the individual specific benefit or merchant details page, and it is noted that all such other terms, conditions and requirements that govern any specific offer, benefit or relationship for the merchant or provider listed, are incorporated by reference into these main club Terms & Conditions and are also subject to be amended or otherwise changed at the sole discretion of management.

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Information Collection And Use: The information collected at this site will not be available for sale, share or rent to outside parties. We obtain from you the information we need to complete your benefit fulfillment and related requests, and for internal use only. The information may include your name, address, telephone number, and email address. When considering any changes to our policies your privacy will always remain a priority. You may want to review the individual privacy policies of each of our participating vendors or merchants before placing any order with them because outside vendors and merchants will have their own Terms, and Privacy Policy related to doing any purchases or other transactions you may make with them.