$100 Free Gas Rebate

Earn & Receive Up To $100 In FREE Gas!

As a member of this popular membership program, you also are receiving as an additional premium, a $100 Your Choice Gas Rebate that provides members with this valuable and unique opportunity to earn and receive up to $100 in FREE GAS!

The Your Choice Gas Rebate program has been added to your membership and everything you need to use this program is included and listed within this section on your member website, to help make it as easy as possible to receive a rebate to your favorite gas station chain. Each month, for your first 4 consecutive months, you are able to earn a $25 Rebate in the form of a Gift Card to the major gas station chain that you choose as your primary Gas Station Chain provider.

To take advantage of this tremendous opportunity, simply review and satisfy the below listed requirements and instructions, which will fully describe this offer and how to receive your $25 Rebate each and every month that you qualify to earn a rebate.

You are already enrolled in this valuable Free Gas program as a member, and as a first step in using this gas reward, you will want to complete and mail in as instructed Free Gas Starter Form where you will have the opportunity to choose a major gas station chain as your primary provider. Certain purchases and other requirements are necessary, as detailed below, in order to qualify for the monthly $25 Rebate. This is a tremendous way to earn rebates that are issued in the form of Gift Cards to the gas station chain that you choose as your primary provider from the list of available providers.

You are able to earn a $25 Gas Card, for 4 consecutive months, for a total of $100 in free gas. You must be an active member of Guardian Auto Advantage in order to use this program.

The next step in being able to qualify to earn your monthly $25 Rebate is to view and print the 'Rebate Starter Form' and complete and mail it in as instructed. The 'Rebate Starter Form' allows you to select one of the listed major gas station chains as your primary merchant provider for this rebate program.


The Your Choice Gas Rebate program is pure rebate type of program where the certificate holder is able to earn a valuable $25 Rebate per month, valid at the gas station chain that has been selected as the primary merchant provider on the Rebate Starter Form that is available to be viewed, printed, completed and mailed in as instructed with a one-time $5.00 registration fee that is refunded as part of the earned rebate during the certificate holders last available month to earn a rebate.

To qualify to earn your $25 Rebate, valid at your choice of available gas station chains, you must satisfy the listed requirements detailed below, which includes purchasing $150.00 in Gift Cards to the same gas station chain that you select as your primary merchant provider and sending in the receipts from purchases with your completed $25 Rebate Claim Form.

If you already get gas at the gas station chain or plan on getting gas there in the future, then this is a great opportunity to earn a $25 Rebate for simply purchasing gas that you need. What could be better than that?

For more information regarding this program and how to earn your $25 Rebate for each month, please review the below and visit the FAQs within this Free Gas section.

Please review the list of available gas station chains from which you can choose the one that you want to be registered as your primary Gas Station Chain merchant provider when submitting your "Rebate Starter Form!"


Earn $25 Rebates For 4 Months’ in the form of Gift Cards to your favorite gas station chain that you have selected from the above list of available providers.

Please review the below Steps that will fully explain and detail what a member needs to do, in order to earn and receive their Free Gas Rebates.

Step 1 - Review & Understand The Free Gas Rebate Program
Please review and learn more about this included Gas Rebate program by reading this page entirely and clicking on the 'FAQs' section on this website. Remember, this is a “Pure Rebate” program where a member will receive a $25 Gas Card as a rebate, when making a minimum purchase of $150 in Gas Station Gift Cards to their primary provider, which is required each month to qualify for a $25 Rebate.

Step 2 - Print and Complete the "Free Gas Rebate Starter Form"
Simply view, print and complete the “Rebate Starter Form” that is listed within this website. At this time you will be deciding on which of the available gas station chains that you will select as your primary provider. You will then mail in your completed “Rebate Starter Form” as instructed with a $5.00 Registration Fee. This fee will be refunded to you on your last month, along with your qualifying $25 Rebate, thus making your rebate for that month, $30 and not $25. Please note that the provider you choose from the list of available providers is the provider that you will be making your required purchases from. In addition, any earned $25 Rebates will be sent in the form of a $25 Gift Card valid at that same gas station.

Step 3 - You Will Receive Your Redemption Packet
Within 1-2 weeks, you will receive by U.S. Mail your Redemption Packet that will include a Welcome Letter and Gift Card Order Form. The Gift Card Order Form allows you to order Gift Cards to the provider that you chose in the previous Step. This is very important as the Rebates that you are able to earn are based upon this manner of making qualifying purchases at your chosen provider, as detailed in the next step.

Step 4 - Simply Place Your Order For Gas Cards
Using the convenient Gas Gift Card Order Form, you will place your order for Gift Cards valid at the provider you previously chose. You must make a minimum purchase of $150 per month in Gas gift cards for each month that you wish to earn your $25 Rebate. These are the actual Gift Cards that are sold and issued by your chosen provider and may be used only at their locations and they are to be treated the same as cash.

Step 5 - You Will Receive Your Gas Gift Card Order
Within 1-2 weeks, you will receive by Priority Mail your Gift Card order that will also include a new Gift Card Order Form for the next month.

Step 6 - Save Your Receipts and Complete Your $25 Rebate Claim Form
When using your ordered Gift Cards to make your purchases at your chosen provider, it is very important to save your receipts. After accumulating your receipts for your purchases made during that month, you will need to complete the $25 Rebate Claim Form that is conveniently available to be printed from within this website, simply by clicking the “Free Gas Claim Form”. Simply complete in full your $25 Rebate Claim Form and mail it in as instructed with the receipts you accumulated for that month.

Step 7 - Receive Your $25 Rebate In The Form of A Gas Card That You Choose
You will receive your $25 Rebate within 1-2 weeks in the form of a Gift Card valid at your chosen provider.   Basically you are simply getting gas from the same provider you most likely already purchase your gasoline from, and now you will also be getting FREE GAS in the form of your choice of Gas Gift Cards as an earned rebate back. Not bad for simply purchasing what you need or want and use!

Repeat this process each and every month that you would like to receive your monthly $25 Rebate, for up to 4 consecutive months, for a total of $100 in Free Gas Gift Cards. Missed months are forfeit and cannot be made up, however, if you miss a month, it does not affect your ability to qualify for your rebate for the other month.